ATELIER by Nicky Vankets

If you are looking for something you can not find, or looking for a made-to-measure service that can make you shine no matter what your shape, look, or size is? Then discover the unlimited possibilities of the ATELIERS of the house of Vankets.

This service is only available in our flagship stores and by apppointment. So do not wait any longer and find out what we can do for you...

Here is what we can do for you:

  • A perfect look for everyone, for every occasion and look
  • All our collections have standard sizes from 34 to 46, but this is defenitely not the limit
  • Every item will be completely made-to-measure
  • You can create your one-of-a-kind look, whether casual or formal, simple or fancy
  • There is really no limit
  • This service is available to all, even you, and even your budget


Your may not think so, but this service is available to all, even to you. Having something made-to-measure and having a personal design just for you does not mean that it will be extremely expensive. Of course is the cost variable from the questions you ask and the look you desire, but having a look into this service is defenitely worth it.


You have a special occasion, you want to treat yourself to a special moment in your life, you are a performing star looking for the right piece to wear, ...

Any given moment in time that deserves you to look absolutely stunning, is the right moment to consider a one-of-a-kind creation.


Do not wait any longer, make your appointment today and enjoy this unique service, personally and exclusively for you:

  • Personal meeting with the designer to discuss your ideas
  • Fully made-to-measure
  • Personal fittings